Welcome to Flat Creek Doodles - Thank you for visiting our website

Flat Creek Doodles is located in Southwest Missouri, about an hour from Springfield, Missouri or Rogers, Arkansas.  We have a beautiful view of the Ozark Mountains and Flat Creek. 

We do not breed a large number of dogs (2 - 4 litters per year).  We feel very strongly about selling the "perfect" family dog and feel you can't do better than a "Doodle". We love these babies and raise them as a family.  They have exposure and interaction with teenage girls, a grandson, and even a nurse. 

Doodles are very interactive, social dogs and are at their happiest when they are with people.  One of the primary reasons we breed doodles is to provide people with allergies and/or sensitivities to shedding dogs with a good alternative for a loving companion.  They are smart, love everyone and are loyal to their families. 

All of our puppies get a complete vet check and have received 2 vaccines and been wormed on a regular basis.  A deposit will secure a puppy that you have chosen online or in person.  We are always delighted to get pictures and get updates once they are in their forever homes.


As a puppy and then as an adult . . . See how we change